Public Defibrillators

Hackensack Volunteer Ambulance Corps 

The Hackensack Volunteer Ambulance Corps and The City of Hackensack recognize defibrillation as a key element in saving lives of people struck with sudden cardiac arrest.

Both the American Heart Association and the Red Cross publish for each minute defibrillation is delayed, the chance of survival is reduced approximately 10%.  In an attempt to boost awareness and facilitate lay rescuers ability to make a life saving difference we are posting a list of locations for Public Access Defibrillators (PADs) and/or Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).  The list will be maintained here on The City's website.  The Hackensack Volunteer Ambulance will send a representative by each February, the AHA's Heart month, to inspect the devices.  The batteries do deplete, and the pads expire.  In addition the list will be given to MICCOM EMS dispatch, HPD dispatch, and HFD dispatch.  This way your 911 operator will know if an PAD or AED is available at your location if you're not familiar or unsure of the area.  If your business, office, or other location has an PAD or AED not on the list please contact to have your device included in this initiative.  For more information on AEDs and CPR please visit the American Heart Association's and/or the Red Cross' website.


2nd Reformed Church - Union St and Anderson St
1st Baptist Church/Hackensack Christian School - Conklin and Union - in the lobby between the school and church
Bergen Tech - 200 Hackensack Ave - Basement level outside fitness center, 1st floor main entrance lobby with an Epi-Pen, outside room 164, outside of gym/auditorium, 2nd floor outside room 224
City Hall - 65 Central Ave - one on each floor
Foschini Park - in the field house when open
Hackensack High School - First and Beech St - 15 of them - stationary mounted on 3rd Flr outside library, main health office, single point entry, main gym lobby, lower gym lobby, pool, cafeteria, outside room 185, outside room 282.  Remaining six are portable with Athletic Department staff.
Hackensack Middle School - one on each floor
Ice House - 111 Midtown Bridge Approach - 1st Floor between rink one and two, 2nd Floor in the gym
Johnson Park - in the field house when open
Mt Olive Church - 260 Central Ave
Retro Fitness - 100 Commerce Wy - at the desk
Riverside Square Mall - one in the security office, one at the guest service counter, one in security's mobile unit
Trinity Baptist Church - 218 Passaic St
YMCA - 360 Main St - at front desk
Johnson Public Library - 274 Main St - at the front desk
Eastwick College - 250 Moore St - at the front desk