Tax Collector's Office

2022 Estimated Tax Rate $2.796

 The 2022 estimated tax bills will be mailed by June 30th, 2022 per State Statute, however the figures are available now (click here).  The due date for third quarter property taxes is August 1st.  The 2022 Final/2023 Preliminary Tax Bill will be mailed by September 30th per State Statute.  Fourth quarter is due on November 1st.

“No Cash” Policy effective (Click Here)

Payment Options for Property Taxes:

· Pay on our website – see details below
· US Mail/Delivery Service
· Drive thru Drop Box

View and Pay Property Taxes Online. Credit/Debit Cards accepted.

View property taxes billed and paid or to make a payment with your credit/debit card, CLICK HERE. Please be aware of the convenience fees as once the transaction is complete, it cannot be reversed.

Sign up for Quarterly Electronic Reminders

Click here to sign up for quarterly tax bill reminders” with a hyperlink directly to here:


New Property Owners – Welcome to Hackensack!

As a new property owner of Hackensack, it is your responsibility to be sure you know your property tax obligation. It may take a few months before the County records your deed and notifies us of the ownership change. Therefore, please call the Tax Office between 8:00 am to 4:30 pm to provide new ownership information and your mailing address. You may view your current property tax bill and view/pay your property taxes here:

The City of Hackensack offers a 10 calendar day grace period for payment of taxes. Payment must be received by the last day of the grace period to avoid interest; therefore if the 10th falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Holiday, the last day of the grace period is extended to the next business day. (ie: November 10th falls on a Saturday, we are closed Monday, November 12th for Veterans day, the last day of the grace period would become Tuesday, November 13th to pay to avoid interest). Please note that on the day following the last day of the grace period, interest will be charged, reverting to the statutory due dates, at 8% on the first $1500.00 and 18% on the balance. 

Mortgage Satisfied

If your mortgage company or bank is no longer responsible for paying your real estate taxes, kindly contact the tax office immediately at (201) 646-3927, so we may update our records. You may also email us at: 
with any other changes as well (ie: mailing address). 

As a statutory officer of the State of New Jersey, the Tax Collector is obligated to follow all the State Statutes regarding property tax collection including billing, due dates, interest on delinquent tax payments and tax sale procedures. 

As a reminder, we have installed a tax payment drop box located in the driveway of the Municipal Building next to the Police Department, exiting State Street. Feel free to drive through or walk up to our payment drop box. We ask that only tax payments are to be deposited into this box and please, NO CASH. We will not be responsible for any cash. With the tax payment drop box available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we sincerely hope to make your method of payment more convenient.

Accelerated Tax Lien Sale

Our 2021 Tax Lien Sale was held on December 28, 2021.  All items were sold.  The City continues to have zero municipal liens.

Per N.J.S.A.54:5-19, when unpaid taxes or other municipal charges remain in arrears on the 11th day of the eleventh month in the fiscal year when the taxes or lien became in arrears, the collector charged with the duty, shall “enforce” the liens by means of a tax lien sale for the value of the delinquency. The taxpayer is not evicted and may continue to occupy the property. The taxpayer has two years from the date of the tax sale to redeem the lien or the lien holder may exercise their right to start the foreclosure process. For further information, email the Tax Collector, Elisa Coccia, at or call the Tax Office at (201) 646-3928 between the hours of 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Senior Citizen/Veteran Deductions

Seniors – If you were 65 years or older as of December 31st of the previous year, you may be eligible for a deduction of $250.00 annually, from your gross tax  amount. Applicants must own and reside in the home on which the deduction is claimed. There is an income limitation of $10,000., combined income if married, excluding social security.

Veterans – If you have served in the armed forces or if you are a widow of a veteran that never remarried, you may be eligible for a deduction of $250.00 annually, from your gross tax amount. There is a 100% permanently disabled veteran deduction which grants full tax exemption for qualified veterans.

Applications and questions for the above deductions may be directed to the tax assessor’s office at: (201) 646-3924 or 3925 between 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. 

Tax Appeal Information

If you wish to appeal your assessment, when you receive the post card from the Tax Assessor’s office in February, please call the County: (201) 336-6300 – Ask for a Petition to Appeal. Taxes must be current in order for your appeal to be heard. If an adjustment is due as a result of your hearing, it will be applied to the fourth quarter. Previous quarters must be paid as billed.

Bergen County Board of Taxation
Two Bergen County Plaza – First Floor
Hackensack, New Jersey 07601
Phone (201) 336-6300

The deadline to file your Appeal is April 1st, unless there was a reassessment, then the deadline will be extended to May 1st Any questions regarding the appeal process may be directed to the Tax Assessor’s office at (201) 646-3924 or 2925 between the hours of 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM or call the Board of Taxation at (201) 336-6300.

Property Tax Reimbursement Program:

Property Tax Relief Program UPDATE:

2019 Senior Freeze (Property Tax Reimbursement)

The Governor’s budget fully funds the 2019 Senior Freeze program. Payments are expected to be mailed to eligible taxpayers beginning on October 15, 2020.
 2017 Homestead Benefit

2017 Homestead Benefit payments will be paid to eligible taxpayers beginning in May 2021.

To ask questions: 1-800-882-6597 
To check the status of a filed application: 1-800-882-6597 
To listen to information or to order an application: 
Online information:

Text Telephone Service (TTY/TDD) for Hard-of-Hearing Users:
1-800-286-6613 or 609-984-7300

Taxation e-mail address for general tax

Homestead Benefit Credit 
(Formerly known as Homestead Rebate) 

 Eligible New Jersey homeowners will not receive Homestead property credits on their November 1st real estate tax bill.  Click here

To ask questions: 1-888-238-1233 

To file application: 1-877-658-2972

Online information:

Checks are no longer issued by the State. Credits are issued and stay with the property. 

Credits cannot be applied to delinquent taxes. 
All questions concerning the Homestead Benefit program should be directed to the Division of Taxation at 1-888-238-1233. 

Web Sites

Tax Maps Are Available For Download

All city tax maps are availabe for download in one 18MB zipped folder containing 46 .tiff image files.  The maps were last updated in Oct. 31, 2003. 

Read All Instructions First: 

  1. Click "Download Tax Maps" below.
  2. When prompted, click "Save".
  3. Select the download location on your drive and click "Save" again. 
  4. Extract all files (consult software documentation if necessary).
  5. Open the folder called "Hac zip".  Tip: Arrange files by name. 
  6. To locate a parcel, open the file named "HAC000-031031.TIF" 
  7. Zoom in and identify the number of the map containing the parcel.  Map numbers are in squares.  Maps are separated by dotted lines. 
  8. Open the file containing that parcel.  For example, if your parcel square is "16", open the file called "HAC016-031031.TIF".

Download Tax Maps

Bergen County Geographic Information System

You can also try using Bergen County's GIS system. County GIS contains assessment information by block & lot, address and owner name.  Click here to enter the County's GIS system.

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Contact Information

Hackensack City Hall
65 Central Avenue
Hackensack, NJ 07601

Elisa Coccia
Tax Collector 

Chris Bahney
Assistant Tax Collector

Xylia Dane
Tax Clerk

Noreen Veffer
Telephone Operator/Clerk