11/12/2016 - Veterans Day Ceremony and 240th Anniversary of Washington's Encampment

The City of Hackensack will hold its annual Veterans Day ceremony as follows:

Date:   Friday, November 11, 2016
Time:   11:00 AM
Place:   The Green

All are invited to attend.


Hackensack to host a commemoration of the 240th anniversary of George Washington's encampment on "The Green" which took place in November 1776

To commemorate the 240th anniversary of George Washington's encampment on "The Green", which took place in November 1776, Hackensack will be hosting a special program on Saturday, November 12.

The commemoration will take place at 12 noon on the Courthouse Green - (Main & Court Streets) in Hackensack, the actual site of the 1776 encampment (If there is inclement weather on November 12 the commemoration will take place at the Johnson Public Library located at 274 Main Street in Hackensack, NJ).

The commemoration program will include local re-enactors speaking to the events that led up to the encampment that took place on “The Green” as well as to the encampment itself, and the initial events that took place after they broke camp, and continued on their retreat. Additionally, the re-enactors will be availible afterwards to field questions from those in attendance.

According to Ed Moderacki, re-enactor and historian, who will be participating in the event “Washington's time at Hackensack marked one of the lowest periods for the Continental Army. The British had inflicted a series of defeats on the Continentals during the New York Campaign. Then on November 16th, Fort Washington fell with the loss of twenty-eight hundred men. Four days later, the British successfully invaded New Jersey, and Washington lead his portion of the Army on his retreat across New Jersey.”

Ed goes on to say “On Washington's last night in Hackensack, all he had to do to see the threat to his army was to look across the Hackensack River. Along the east bank of the Hackensack, the camp fires of the British Army shone brightly……..”