4/26/2018 - Renaming Maple Avenue in Honor of Sr. Emily Walsh, SC.

Renaming  Maple Avenue in Honor of Sr. Emily Walsh, SC. 

Sr. Emily Walsh has left her indelible mark upon Hackensack and the parishioners of Holy Trinity Church. She arrived in Hackensack in 1964. She began as a teacher at Holy Trinity School and then became principle working closely with the Hackensack Board of Education. How often I meet people in town who remember her fondly and how she affected their lives. Children who otherwise would have been lost knew that Sr. Emily was one who cared for them as tough as she was, guaranteeing them a great education and knowledge that they are loved. Sister served under 8 pastors, 4 bishops, and 5 popes. After her service in the school she continued in the parish as a pastoral assistant, attending to the needs of the elderly, homebound, and the welfare of the poor in town. Sr. Emily retired at the aged of 94 in 2015. She is dearly missed and sincerely misses being in Hackensack. While she now lives in Convent Station, her heart is in Hackensack. 

The ceremony will take place on Maple Avenue, between Pangborn Pl. and Clinton Pl. Saturday at 10:45am.