10/12/2018 - Slam Dunk the Junk

“Slam Dunk the Junk” is a clean-up event that takes place on the last Saturday in April. The event is overseen by the Dept. of Cultural Arts, who are custodians of the Hackensack Clean Communities Grant. This event is designed to gather 501c3 Non Profit organizations together to help clean and remove litter from the streets and waterways of Hackensack. Each organization receives a $500 stipend from Clean Communities for helping remove litter in our area. Clean Communities works closely with the Hackensack Riverkeeper and the Hackensack Board of Education to provide litter-free events throughout the year.

The 501c3 organizations meet early in the morning where breakfast is provided by Maywood Market and Hackensack Clean Communities. During breakfast, the organizations are given designated locations throughout the City in need of cleaning. Before departing Clean Communities provides each unit with gloves, grabbers, garbage bags, and safety equipment to ensure the safety of the groups. The groups clean up each of their designated areas for about two hours. They then returned back to Atlantic Street Park, where lunch is provided by Clean Communities, Shop Rite of Hackensack, Maywood Market and Boxed Water is Better, an organization that will aid the fight of Hackensack Clean Communities newest campaign “Working to be Plastic Free.”

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