8/8/2007 - HCAC: "Mass Appeal"

MASS APPEAL is the story of a clash of ideology and personality between an
older entrenched priest, Fr. Farley, who accomodates to survive, and a young
scorching seminarian, Mark Dolson, who attacks to force salvation. Each in his
own way uses his relationship to the congregation to resolve personal scars.
As each tries to force the other to be a good priest, they learn, in unexpected
ways, the nature of courage, friendship and the infi nite varieties of love.

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Performance Schedule

Tuesday, August 14th @ 8PM
Wednesday, August 15th @ 2PM
Thursday, August 16th @ 8PM
Friday, August 17th @ 8PM
Saturday, August 18th @ 2PM
8PM Sunday, August 19th at 3PM
Monday, August 20th @ 8PM Tuesday
August 21st @ 8PM Wednesday
August 22nd @ 2PM and 8PM

Tickets are $20 for adults and $15 for seniors, students and groups of 10 or more