11/11/2013 - Veterans Day Ceremony/Message from the City Council

Veterans Day Ceremony
Please join us for a brief ceremony honoring our Veterans.
When: Veterans Day, November 11, 2013, 11am.
Where: Courthouse Green, Main and Court Streets, Hackensack


The Hackensack Mayor and Council wishes to express our sincere appreciation and thanks to all U.S. Military Veterans for their service to our nation. 

The personal freedoms and political liberties we enjoy today were founded on the bedrock commitment of men and women who -- through nearly  two-and-a-half centuries - have taken up arms against tyranny and terrorism. 
Today, Veterans Day, we remember, not only the men and women who fought and  died for liberty in major wars and countless conflicts, but those who are  today stationed around the globe as the watchdogs of freedom. 

We also must not forget the families of the men and women who have served  and continue to serve in the American military. Their sacrifice of their  sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, mothers and fathers cannot go unrecognized. 

We thank all those who served their country in the U.S. Military and pray for the safe return of our soldiers and the end to armed conflict around the world. 

Mayor John Labrosse, Deputy Mayor Kathleen Canestrino, 
Councilmembers: Leo Battaglia, Rose Greenman, David E. Sims