6/27/2014 - HCAC: "RACE"


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by David Mamet

(Hackensack, NJ) The Company Theatre Group, Inc. is happy to present RACE – David Mamet’s hit play about racial relations in America. This thought-provoking play challenges all of us to think about how we approach the topic of and eventually deal with our beliefs about race.

RACE opened on Broadway at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre on December 6, 2009 and closed on August 21, 2010 after 297 performances.

RACE begins as wealthy white man, accused of raping a black woman – allegations of which have been plastered all over the news, turns to the law firm of Lawson and Brown - two male partners (one white, one black) whom he thinks, because of their past successes and racial make up can defend him successfully against the charges. But, he does not count on their new, female, black attorney who sees the world a little differently from her male counterparts.

Please note: Adult language and adult themes. No one under 16 will be permitted without an adult.