5/28/2015 - Creative Placemaking: Public Meeting/Open Mic. Join Us!



Hackensack, NJ, April 22, 2015—Hackensack’s Johnson Public Library will inaugurate its first Open Mic Night on Thursday, May 28, at 7:30 p.m. with special guests Howdy Stranger. The six-member comedy improv troupe, based in Hackensack, will host the event, perform improv games, and introduce the acts.

"We are thrilled to have Howdy Stranger emcee our new Open Mic Night,” said library director Sharon Castanteen. “Having these funny people on hand pretty much guarantees that it’s going to be a fun and lively evening. We hope at the same time that this will be a chance for members of the community to be entertained and for the entertainers to gain a new audience.”

May 28th will be the first scheduled date for these monthly events at which members of the community are invited to share their talents. The Open Mic Nights will continue at the library on the last Thursday of each month. Participants are welcome to sing a song, read a poem, perform a dramatic monologue, juggle, dance, or do stand-up. Local talent is invited to participate and try out new material. The event is open to anyone in the arts, including writers, actors, voice artists, musicians, singers, and dancers. To sign up, please contact Kate at Kathryn.cannarozzi@hackensack.bccls.org or 201-343-4169 ext.36.

Open Mic Night is right in line with the goals of Hackensack’s Upper Main Alliance, which is seeking ways to attract people and businesses to the city. The mission of transforming the city into a destination spot through arts and culture is called “creative placemaking.” This new urban planning method seeks to make communities more livable and prosperous by attracting people through cultural venues, according to the National Consortium for Creative Placemaking. The Upper Main Alliance is a public/private partnership formed as an alliance between the business community and the city with the goal of improving the business climate in Hackensack. The Alliance is sponsoring concerts, films, lectures, and other cultural events that fit with the creative placemaking concept.

In addition, the Hackensack Creative Team of the Upper Main Alliance will be holding a public meeting at the library at 6:45 p.m. on May 28th, just before the Open Mic event at the library, to describe its vision for a more creative, vibrant city. Residents are invited to participate in a conversation about how arts and culture can play an important role in making Hackensack a better place to live, work, and play. RSVP for the public meeting on the Team’s Facebook page: “Creative Hackensack”.

The Johnson Public Library is located at 274 Main Street in Hackensack, NJ. The library’s mission is to provide members of the Hackensack community with the resources and programs to fulfill their evolving informational, educational, recreational, and cultural needs in an environment that encourages lifelong habits of learning, self-improvement, and self-expression.

For information about the Open Mic Night, please contact Kate Cannarozzi at 201-343-4169, ext. 36, or kathryn.cannarozzi@hackensack.bccls.org.