6/22/2016 - Hackensack Mayor Labrosse: No Layoffs in Potential Sanitation Contract

June 28, 2016

Hackensack Mayor Labrosse: No Layoffs in Potential Sanitation Contract

HACKENSACK, N.J. -- While city officials are still waiting for bids from potential garbage collection vendors in order to make an informed decision regarding whether or not to contract the service, Mayor John P. Labrosse is delivering a clear message today: no layoffs will be allowed in any adopted plan. Mayor Labrosse is issuing the following statement:

"At the last City Council meeting, a large number of people expressed concerns about the possibility of bringing in a private company to take over garbage collection duties in Hackensack.

Most of these concerns focused on the potential impact on current city employees if a private vendor is hired. As your Mayor, I can tell you that the City Council and the administration share those very same concerns. But we also have an obligation to Hackensack taxpayers to explore this issue and find out exactly how much money can be saved. And we want to make absolutely certain that the level of service that is currently provided is at the very least maintained and hopefully expanded.

We emphasized that no decision has been made and that this is strictly a fact-finding mission to see exactly what kind of savings can be achieved. This is the absolute truth. We simply won’t know if this is a worthwhile effort until we see the actual numbers.

However, there have been several significant developments since the last council meeting. Two important meetings were held last week – one with city sanitation employees who could be affected, and the other with some leading members of the Clergy in our city. Deputy Mayor Kathy Canestrino and I attended both of these meetings and we both believe they were very constructive and very valuable.

Kathy and I discussed these meetings with Councilman David Sims and Councilman Leo Battaglia, our City Manager and our Chief Financial Officer. I am very pleased to report that we have reached an informal consensus that the jobs of all current permanent employees should be protected if the city decides to move forward with a private company. Let me be clear: if and when that happens there will be no layoffs of any permanent employees. All of the current sanitation workers would have the option of transferring into other city departments. No one will lose their job, their salary or their benefits.

We hope that resolving the issue of protecting our current employees will allow our administration and our taxpayers to objectively evaluate these proposals when they arrive later this summer. Let’s all work together to make the best decision for our entire city. We look forward to doing exactly that."