10/6/2005 - Upper Main: October Newsletter


Thursday, October 6th, 2005

The Upper Main Alliance is proud to announce our website is up and running. This website will be a vital tool to the marketing of Hackensack's business district. You will find the website quite informative as it includes the organization's Mission Statement, a list of our Board of Directors, demographics for the City of Hackensack, business directory and frequently asked questions about our organization. The website will also keep our consumers and all interested parties up to date on news, press releases, available properties within the district and our present and future programs as established. Log on to www.uppermain.org to view the website and go to the "Contact Us" button with any questions or comments.


The Upper Main Alliance has recently finalized the acquisition of the parking lot on the southeast corner of Berry Street and State Street through a lease agreement with Oritani Savings Bank. The 41 parking spaces will be allocated for free shopper parking, with a two hour limit restriction, and employee parking for employees of businesses located in the Upper Main Alliance Special Improvement District.

Jerry Lombardo, Chairman of the Upper Main Alliance, says the organization knows that parking is a major issue within our district. This program has been established to free up more Main Street parking currently being used by employees and to give our shoppers the opportunity for free parking while doing business on Main Street.

Leo Pflieger, Executive Director of the Upper Main Alliance, feels that this will become a successful program and will benefit shoppers and employees. We are presently offering the businesses and their employees the opportunity to rent 20 of the spaces at a cost of $40.00 per month. Pflieger states that the fee is 25% lower than the average cost that many of our merchants presently pay. This program is on a first come first served basis and applications have recently been sent out to all businesses located within the Upper Main district. The consumer can find this parking lot by following way finding signage that has been placed on Main Street, State Street and Berry Street. Merchants within the district are asked to encourage their customers to park in the new lot and to consider asking any employee who presently parks on Main Street to rent a monthly space within the lot.

Pflieger says this is one of the new programs that have been established for the improvement of the Hackensack business district.


The Upper Main Alliance and the Greater Hackensack Chamber of Commerce are proud to announce that both organizations will co-sponsor an indoor sidewalk sale throughout Hackensack's business district. The dates for the sale are scheduled for Friday, October 7th, Saturday, October 8th, and Monday, October 10th.

All businesses participating in the sale will be offering discounts on selected items within their stores. This special event was put together for the benefit of the businesses that are within the Upper Main Alliance district and those businesses represented by the Hackensack Chamber of Commerce.

Leo Pflieger, Executive Director of the Upper Main Alliance, and Darlene Damstrom, Executive Director of the Greater Hackensack Chamber of Commerce, are looking forward to the first year of this indoor event. With business participation we feel this will be a successful event that we can look forward to in the years to come.

Both organizations are continuing to work on next year's outdoor street festival tentatively scheduled for September 16th, 2006. A joint committee has been formed by both organizations to work on a street festival that will bring international foods, entertainment and music, rides and sale items for next year's outdoor event. Pflieger says he hopes that the community comes out to support the business district for these events.

Executive Director
Upper Main Alliance