6/28/2017 - Hackensack receives $800,000 State Grant for Foschini Park Baseball Field Improvements

CONTACT: Philip Swibinski, 201-864-0600

Hackensack receives $800,000 State Grant for Foschini Park Baseball Field Improvements 

HACKENSACK, N.J. -- The City of Hackensack has been awarded an $800,000 grant to fund improvements to the Foschini Park baseball fields from the State of New Jersey Green Acres program. The grant funding will be used to rehabilitate two fields -- one little league and one baseball field -- that are bordered by East Camden Street. Proposed improvements include the regrading and reseeding of the fields, along with installation of new infield clay. Field amenities, fencing, and lighting will be installed, and storm water management improvements will be added to address flooding issues at the site.

"This grant award will help further our mission of improving recreation facilities for Hackensack's children and providing them with the opportunities they deserve to stay active," said Mayor John Labrosse. "The fact that these expenses will be covered by state grants is great news for Hackensack taxpayers and on behalf of the City I thank the State for recognizing the need to fund this project." 

The $800,000 grant award is separated into a $600,000 grant and a $200,000 no interest loan payable to the state over a thirty year period. The city is also currently seeking a $100,000 grant from the Bergen County Open Space Trust Fund that will increase the total award and further protect city taxpayers. 

"The best investment we can make as a city is in our children," said Councilman David Sims. "As a youth sports coach I see first-hand the poor condition of many of our facilities and it will continue to be a major priority of this City Council to bring major improvements to our recreation amenities." 

The grant awards are dependent on the successful passage of the State Budget. 

For any additional information please contact Philip Swibinski at 201-864-0600 or philip.swibinski@vmmi.net.