7/13/2017 - Property Reassessments/Inspections Underway

Attention Property Owners:

In accordance with State Law and under the authority of the Bergen County Board of Taxation and the State Division of Taxation, the City of Hackensack will revalue all taxable real estate for the 2018 Tax Year. This Reassessment is to ensure uniform and equitable assessments. The City has entered into a contract with Appraisal Systems, Inc. to conduct the reassessment program. This is the third year (2018) for a rolling re-assessment program over a five-year period.

An inspection of your property may be necessary as part of the program. All field inspectors will be provided with photo identification authorized by the City. A full list of inspectors is available here: http://asinj.com/revaluation.asp?p=current&id=367

Do not allow anyone to enter your home without proper identification. Owners of a rental property should notify all tenants of the rental units that an interior inspection will be forthcoming by the firm. You will be requested to sign the field form verifying that the inspector made an interior inspection.

If you should have any questions, please call Appraisal System, Inc. at 201-493-8530.