12/8/2004 - City Launches Operation Clean Sweep

City Launches Operation Clean Sweep

Over the years, the City’s Property Maintenance Division has received numerous complaints from residents regarding the poor condition of several residential and commercial properties in the City.  In response to these complaints, a team of code officials will canvas the City over the next several months to enforce all applicable property maintenance codes.  Newly hired inspectors will participate in the canvas to ensure present and future code compliance.  While the problem is limited in scope, even one sub-par property can affect a neighborhood. 

Inspectors will look for overall poor condition of structures, overhangs, gutters, driveways, fences, roofs, sidewalks and other deficiencies.  After the issuance of a citation, property owners will be allowed 14 days to remedy the violation. 

In addition, the City Council has introduced an ordinance that will require owners of single and two family homes to secure a Certificate of Continued Occupancy prior to selling or renting a home.  This procedure necessitates an inspection of the property.  Should an inspection reveal the existence of illegal housing units, including basement dwellings in violation of the Property Maintenance Code, homeowners will be required to remove these units.  Inspectors will also note any home improvement work that was performed without the issuance of a permit.  Homeowners will be required to obtain permits for all work covered under applicable City ordinance. 

“While we have had generally effective codes on the books, the key to improve the overall quality of life in the City is enforcement,” said Mayor John “Jack” Zisa.  “The update to our codes and supplementation of a staff of inspectors are vital components of the solution.” 

The City’s Property Maintenance Division welcomes this opportunity to work with City residents to make Hackensack a safer city and to improve the overall appearance of its neighborhoods.