4/10/2019 - City Honors Local Rabbi
Deputy Mayor Kathleen Canestrino presented a proclamation to Hackensack Rabbi Mendy Kaminker on behalf of the city at last night’s council meeting, in honor of Education and Sharing Day.

“The character of our young people is strengthened by serving a cause greater than self and by the anchor of virtues including courage and compassion,” Deputy Mayor Canestrino read from the proclamation. “By instilling a spirit of service in our children, we create a more optimistic future for them.” 

The Council proclaimed April 16 Education and Sharing Day and encouraged all residents to reach out to young people to work to create a more hopeful city for all. 

Rabbi Kaminker spoke of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, who the day was originated to honor over 40 years ago and how all presidents - both Republican and Democrat - have recognized it ever since. 

“We should always recognize the goodness and kindness in each one of us and we should always remember that we were created by one god,” Rabbi Kaminker said. “We should appreciate and respect the idea that education is so important for our society and our universe.”