8/12/2020 - City of Hackensack Awarded $510,783 Federal Grant for Fire Department

City officials announced today that the Hackensack Fire Department has been awarded an Assistance to Firefighters grant from FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security. The $510,783.65 grant award will allow the HFD to implement a fire training program in conjunction with the Fire Departments in Teaneck and Englewood. 

"The City of Hackensack is glad to be working with our neighbors in Teaneck and Englewood on this important project,” said Mayor John Labrosse. "Partnerships across municipalities, like this one, help reduce costs to the taxpayer and are undoubtedly a net benefit to the city. Most importantly, this training program will help keep the brave firefighters who put themselves on the line every day safe. We would also like to thank Congressman Gottheimer and Senators Menendez and Booker for their support on our behalf of this project."

The training that this program will provide focuses on firefighter safety and survival. These funds will allow each fire department to send every firefighter in their department to the three-day intensive training program and will cover tuition, fees, and all overtime costs associated with attendance.

"We want to thank Teaneck and Englewood Fire Departments for partnering with us in submitting the grant application,” said Hackensack FD Chief Thomas Freeman. “All three departments worked extensively on this process, and it was submitted as a multi-jurisdictional application. The committee from these career departments saw a need for joint training and these funds will help keep all of us safer here in Hackensack and in our neighboring communities of Teaneck and Englewood.”

The grant is conditioned on a contribution of non-Federal funds equal or greater to 10% of the total Federal funds awarded, or $51,078.36. These costs will be divided up between the three municipalities. The City of Hackensack is considered the lead agency and administrator of this grant.

FEMA states that the purpose of the Assistance to Firefighters Grant program is to protect the health and safety of the public and fire personnel against fire and fire-related hazards.