10/13/2021 - City of Hackensack and Hackensack Regional Chamber of Commerce Create Grant Program To Aid Small Businesses Affected By Pandemic

Program Will Distribute $500,000 in Direct Aid To Businesses In Hackensack Over Next Two Years

The City of Hackensack has announced it will be partnering with the Hackensack Regional Chamber of Commerce to administer a $500,000 grant program for small businesses. The program is designed to distribute direct relief for businesses with federal stimulus funds the City received as part of the American Rescue Plan. While this money was earmarked to help cities across the country recover lost income due to the pandemic, the Hackensack Mayor and Council have decided to take a portion of that money and give it directly to the business community. Over the next two years, the City Council has committed to giving out $500,000 directly to Hackensack small businesses.

“We are so grateful to have received this money to help the City recover some of the lost revenue we have seen over the last year and a half,” said Hackensack Mayor John Labrosse. “The Council and I recognize that this City is so strong because of the incredible residents and businesses who call Hackensack home. We plan to use a portion of the grant money to give back directly and help Hackensack move forward.” 

“I am thrilled to be working with the City to help our small and micro businesses in Hackensack,” said Lauren Zisa, Executive Director of the Hackensack Regional Chamber of Commerce. “This grant is a way for us to hopefully help the smaller business survive and maybe even grow during this difficult time.”

In order to qualify for the grant, a business must have fewer than 25 employees, show a revenue loss due to the pandemic, and still be operating in the City. All businesses that meet the criteria will be awarded between $500 and $2000. There is an additional provision for any business that could not receive PPP funds because of opening date or lack of payroll. 

All grant applications must be submitted by October 31. The grant information is on the City website at: http://hackensack.org/businessgrant. Questions regarding the grants for small businesses can be sent to info@hackensackchamber.org.