1/28/2005 - Fire Department: “Adopt a Hydrant” Program

 “Adopt a Hydrant” Program

The Hackensack Fire Department has created an “Adopt a Hydrant Program”.  The program was created to help keep our fire hydrants clear and available. Citizens and civic groups (Boy Scouts, etc.) can adopt a hydrant or hydrants in their neighborhood.

Residents who adopt hydrants will help the Fire Department by keeping them clear of snow in the winter and overgrowth in the summer. Residents who participate in the program will also report blocked or damaged hydrants year round.

To sign up, simply send an email to
adib@hackensack.org.  You may also call: HFD: 201-646-3943.  Let us know your name, address, phone number and the location of the hydrant(s) you have chosen to adopt.

What to do:

   1.  Keep hydrants free of snow and ice.
   2.  Keep hydrants free of overgrowth (grass and weeds).
   3.  Report any damaged or leaking hydrants to the HFD: 201-646-3943
   4.  Report any vehicles blocking hydrants to the HPD: 201-646-7800

What not to do:

   1.   Paint hydrants
Alter or attempt to repair hydrants
Mark curb or street

Your participation in this program is greatly appreciated.

Hackensack Fire Department