11/10/2006 - Building Dept: Extended Hours

Hackensack Building and Land Use Department Offers Extended Hours

The Building and Land Use Department has extended its hours of operation until 6:30 PM on the second and third Wednesdays of the month. “The extended hours allow residents and businesses to conduct their transactions when it is more convenient for them”, said Hackensack’s Mayor, Karen Sasso.” City Manager, Stephen Lo Iacono and Land Use Department Head, Joseph Mellone recognized the need to offer additional hours. “Sometimes there aren’t enough hours in a day and people can’t always get here on their lunch break. The extend hours provide a more relaxed opportunity to apply for permits or complete any paperwork necessary to process applications”, Joseph Mellone said. Stephen Lo Iacono said that this is one way the city can continue its ongoing effort to increase the “convenience factor” for the public. Extended hours will begin on October 11, 2006.