9/24/2008 - Recycling Cans for Cash

For a second year, Hackensack is competing in a Nationwide Recycling Competition. Winners receive up to $10,000 in Awards.

Mayor Michael R. Melfi announced that Hackensack is participating in the Cans for Cash™ City Recycling Challenge. The contest, created by The United States Conference of Mayors and Novelis Corporation, challenges cities across the country to collect recyclable aluminum beverage cans and develop innovative ideas for promoting participation. The Challenge lasts four weeks, officially starting on October 1 and ending on October 31, 2008.

The Aluminum Association, a Washington, D.C.-based trade group representing aluminum producers, reports that recycling is good for the environment and municipal finances because aluminum is the most valuable material in the household recycling bin. Last year, just under $1 billion was paid for recyclable aluminum beverage cans. Yet nearly 50% of all aluminum beverage cans produced were not recycled. In other words, nearly $1 billion worth of aluminum cans are thrown away annually.

Last year, during the month of October, the City recycled 202,680 lbs. of commingled recyclables approximately 10,134 lbs. of which was aluminum. We’re asking your help to surpass last year’s totals.

This Challenge is an effort to reduce solid waste, Greenhouse emissions, combat global warming, and increase recycling awareness throughout the community.

City of Hackensack Dept. of Sanitation & Recycling 201-646-3955