10/30/2009 - HPD: Operation Medicine Cabinet


Dear Resident,


An alarming number of New Jersey’s youth are intentionally abusing prescription medicines to get high.


The 2007 study by the National Study of Drug-Use and Health found that 70% of people who abuse prescription pain relievers say they got them from friends or relatives.  A recent study on drug use by New Jersey middle school students conducted by the Partnership for a Drug Free New Jersey found that in half the schools surveyed prescription drugs are abused more than twice that of ecstasy and cocaine.  What’s worse, another Partnership for a Drug Free New Jersey study found that 47% of the parents of middle school students know very little about prescription drug abuse.


To help combat this growing threat to our nation’s children, the United States Senate has deemed October 2009 as National Prescription Drug Abuse Awareness Month and towns throughout our state are hosting Operation Medicine Cabinet New Jersey on November 14, 2009.  Operation Medicine Cabinet New Jersey is for community residents to properly dispose of their unused, unwanted, and expired medicine.  This statewide initiative is the first of its kind in the nation.  The statewide effort is being spearheaded by the Drug-Enforcement Administration-New Jersey Division, the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General and the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey, as well as county and local law enforcement and drug abuse prevention organizations in the state.  The Hackensack Police Department is participating in this effort.


Prescription drug abuse is a growing problem in New Jersey, and the easiest way to combat it is to properly dispose of your old medicine.  Operation Medicine Cabinet New Jersey is the best way to do just that, so on November 14th, visit the Hackensack Police Department collection site at 225 State Street and drop off your unused, unwanted or expired medicine.


Click here for the program flier.


For more information, please visit www.operationmedicinecabinetnj.com.