2/4/2011 - Snow Removal and Fire Safety

Snow Removal and Fire Safety

In light of the recent snow storms, the Fire Department encourages residents to Adopt-A-Hydrant.  Click here for more information. It is crucial for us to quickly locate and access fire hydrants in emergency situations. The Fire Department makes every attempt to clear hydrants after a storm but we still need your help to make sure all hydrants are accessible.

When shoveling, plowing and parking vehicles on roadways, please keep in mind that a Fire Truck is considerably wider than a personal automobile. If you have no alternative but to park several feet away from the curb due to accumulated snow, make sure to leave room for a large fire truck or ambulance to pass. This is especially important when vehicles are parked on both sides of the street, severely narrowing the roadway. Emergency Responders lose critical time when forced to back out of an impassable street.

We appreciate your consideration and thank you for your cooperation.  

Chief Tom Freeman
Hackensack Fire Department