5/29/2012 - Hackensack Fire Briefs/Propane Safety Tips

Hackensack Fire Briefs

Date: 5/26/12
Time: 1810
Address: 265 Clinton Place
Type of occupancy: 2 and a half story wood frame
Platoon: First
Incident Commander: Deputy Chief Charlie Grieco
Number of alarms: Three
Firefighter injuries: 1 with a back injury 2 with heat related injuries
Civilian injuries: 0
Mutual aid towns assisting: Teaneck, Bogota, Ridgefield Park, Maywood, South Hackensack, Englewood, Bergenfield, Hasbrouck Heights, Little Ferry
Other agencies assisting: HUMC EMS, City Building Department and Police Department, United Water, PSE&G,DPW, Box 54, Lodi Ems, Red Cross
Cause of fire: Faulty propane grill against the house
Extent of damage: Extremely Heavy throughout entire structure

Brief overview of actions:
Fire department received a call from the Police Dispatch reporting a working fire at 265 Clinton Place. Engines 4 and 5 along with Ladder 1 and Rescue 1 responded under the command of D/C Grieco while en-route D/C Grieco observed a heavy smoke condition from Union Street. Upon arrival of D/C Grieco he reported heavy fire in the rear of the home and transmitted a Second Alarm bringing Engine’s 2 and 1 to the scene and a Teaneck Fast team. Upon arrival of the companies several handlines were put into operation to extinguish the fire as the ladder company began to vent the roof and search the second floor with the rescue company. A 3rd alarm was transmitted due to the heavy fire conditions in the house bringing mutual aid companies to the scene. While companies were operating in the rear a collapse of the rear porch roof occurred causing a Teaneck captain to fall about 10 feet and became trapped in the collapse members who were operating in the same area of the captain quickly removed him from the collapse and turned him over to EMS for treatment. Due to the heavy fire on the 2nd floor and attic area all members were removed from the building and outside hose lines were placed into service knocking down the bulk of the heavy fire. Firefighters reentered the house and continued to open up and extinguish pockets of fire but due to deteriorating conditions firefighters were removed again and an exterior attack was used. Fire was placed under control at 2103hrs companies remained on scene to check for extension and assist in overhaul. Numerous EMS units were called to assist with firefighter rehab due to the heat and humidity of the day .Mutual aid companies were used at the fire scene and also at Fire Headquarters to cover the City. A total of 3 firefighters were injured 2 were treated and releases and one remained to be further evaluated.

Hackensack Fire Department

Propane Gas Grill and Range Safety Tips

Propane Grill Do's:

Always use the grill outdoors in a well-ventilated area. Do not bring propane cylinders indoors or into an enclosed space such as a garage or basement.

Always follow all of the manufacturer's instructions and keep written materials and manuals in a safe, accessible place.

Make sure the grill burner controls are turned off. Keep the cylinder valve closed when not in use.

Make sure the gas grill is shut off and cooled off before covering your grill after use.

Always use or store cylinders in an upright, vertical position. Store them outdoors away from sources of ignition.

When you have your cylinder refilled, have your supplier check for dents, damage, rust or leaks.

After filling, take your cylinder home immediately. Keep your vehicle ventilated with the cylinder valve closed and plugged or capped. Do not leave the cylinder in your car.

When your grill is not in use, cover disconnected hose-end fittings and burner air intakes with small plastic bags, or obtain protective fitting caps from your propane supplier to keep out dirt, insects and moisture.

Before lighting your propane gas grill burner, use a leak-detection solution to check all connections for tightness. Contact your local propane gas supplier to obtain the leak-detection solution and instructions on how to use it.

Never use matches or lighters to check for leaks.

If there is a significant and uncontrollable release of gas or a fire, call the fire department immediately and move all people and pets away from the unit.

Propane Grill Don'ts:

Do not smoke while handling the propane cylinder.

Do not leave the cylinder in your vehicle.

Do not use matches or lighters to check for leaks.

Do not allow children to tamper or play with the cylinder or grill.

Do not use, store or transport your cylinder where it would be exposed to high temperatures. (This includes storing spare cylinders under or near the grill.)

Propane Gas Range Do's:

Follow the manufacturer's installation and operating instructions.

Have your unit serviced if the burner flame is not blue. The blue flame indicates complete combustion.

A yellow flame means air inlets are clogged or burners need to be adjusted.

Keep pot handles turned inward.

Schedule regular preventive maintenance checks for your appliances.

Keep the range surface clean.

Propane Gas Range Don'ts:

Do not cover the oven bottom with foil - it can restrict air circulation.

Never use gas ranges for space heating.

Never allow children to turn the burner control knobs on your propane gas range.

Do not leave food simmering unattended.

Keep flammable materials away from burner flames.

Presented by: National Propane Gas Association