10/8/2012 - HFD: Fire Prevention Week/Mutual Aid Drill

Fire Prevention Week

During the week of October 7th to October 12th 2012 members of the Hackesnack fire department visited schools in the city to hold the annual fire education assembly. Students from grades pre-k to 4th grade were shown videos on different fire prevention and safety tips from calling 911 to knowing two ways out of their home. Students were shown how a firefighter looks and sounds with his full firefighting gear on. Firefighters also answered questions from the students on fire safety do’s and don’ts. The students were given handouts and the firefighters encouraged the students to pass on the lessons learned to there families and to remind them that fire safety is practiced everyday. The Hackensack fire department is available to provide fire safety talks for all community groups within Hackensack. Please contact (201)646-8045 for more information.

Mutual Aid Drill, October 7, 2012

Hackensack Fire Department hosted a mutual aid drill at the Shops at River Side on Hackensack Ave. on Sunday October 7, 2012. The purpose of this drill was to review fire tactics, inter agency unified command, communications, and mass decimation at a large incident. First arriving fire companies were met with a car fire in the parking garage in the mall. While making the initial fire attack an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) was noticed in the rear of the car causing all companies operating to evacuate the fire area and await further investigation by the police department.

Because of the unknown type of device all persons that were in the smoke where required to pass through a mass decon area to remove any possible chemicals from themselves. Companies from Mid Bergen mutual aid and Mid Bergen Haz-Mat set up the mass decon operation. Mass decon is used to decontaminate large amounts of people in a short period of time with copious amounts of water to flushing the victims bodies. After all people pass through mass decon they are medically evaluated and transported to a hospital. Companies operated for about 2 hrs and completed all objectives of the drill.

The drill held by Hackesnack Emergency Management in cooperation with Hackensack Fire Department. Agencies that participated in the drill were The Shops at River Side mall security, Hackensack police, Hackensack volunteer ambulance, Fire departments from Bogota, Bergenfield, Englewood, Ridgefield Park, Teaneck, Mid Bergen Haz-Mat and Bergen County OEM

Hackensack OEM coordinator Capt. John Niland stated the drill was a great success an all agencies that operated work very well together under the unified command system.