2/22/2013 - NJ Clean Energy Programs Incentives for homes damaged by Sandy
New Jersey' Clean Energy Program can help with temporary financial incentives that will help you recover from Hurricane Sandy.

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If your home is located in a zip code designated as a "major" or "minor" damaged area impacted by Hurricane Sandy, you may be eligible for enhanced incentives on high efficiency equipment/appliances.

If you are located outside the eligible zip code list, you may also qualify for increased incentives by demonstrating that you have experienced damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. Applications for Hurricane Sandy relief incentives outside the eligible zip code list will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Hurricane Sandy relief incentives are for qualifying equipment purchased on or after October 29, 2012 through June 30, 2013.

Frequently asked questions are also available to help clarify what is available.

In order to receive an enhanced Hurricane Sandy relief incentive, a Homeowner Certification Form must be completed and attached to the proper rebate application. The links below will take you to the page where the applications are located.

IMPORTANT: If you have already submitted an application, you only need to submit a Homeowner Certification Form. However, new submissions require both an application (links below) AND a Homeowner Certification Form.

Furnaces, Boilers, Heat Pumps, Gas Water Heaters and Mini-split Units

In addition to existing rebates of $300-$400, an additional $200 will be applied for those submitting a Homeowner Certification Form along with the original rebate application. Incentives may also be available from your gas utility (check with your utility for more information).

Central Air Conditioners ($500) and Clothes Washers ($50)

These rebates will be extended for eligible customers replacing equipment damaged by the storm.

New Jersey ENERGY STAR Homes

Smart growth requirements are being waived for new construction projects in eligible areas impacted by Hurricane Sandy.