6/27/2005 - No signs in public right of way

Reminder:  The City has an ordinance in place that regulates signage.  Signage shall not be placed in the public right of way.  The public right of way is that area between the curb and the sidewalk.  In addition, signs shall not be affixed to:

    - Any street sign
    - Any utility pole
    - On or near any fire alarm boxes
    - Any trees within the public right of way
    - Property within a public park

This list is not exhaustive.  The City's sign regulations can be found in several provisions of the Code.  In addition, the City is revising its sign ordinance which can be found here.

These regulations include, but are not limited to, garage, yard, estate, or moving sale notices. 

Violation of the City's code will result in a summons.  A court is appearance is required to answer the summons.