6/27/2005 - HFD: Medal Day

    On Saturday June 11, 2005, The Hackensack Fire Department hosted Medal Day. The event was held in the Civic Center and was attended by Department Members, Families & Friends. The awards presentation were for actions taken during 2003 and 2004. They ranged from Heroic individual actions to the coordination of intricate tasks performed by several Fire Companies and EMS Members.

    The awards consisted of 64 unit citations, 30 cardio pulmonary resuscitation and defibrillator saves, 5 military awards, 1 Lifesaving award presented to Firefighter J. McMorrow, 2 Firefighter of the Year awards presented to; 2003– Firefighter Michael Winkler, posthumously, 2004 - Captain Kevin Morosco. This award epitomizes the dedication, loyalty and professionalism of the Hackensack Fire Department.

    A Special Presentation by the United States Marine Corps was made for Firefighter Jason D'Elia who received the New Jersey Distinguished Service Medal for his actions in combat during his tour of duty in Baghdad, Iraq.