2/28/2014 - March 3rd Storm Watch/Parking available/City Hall Open

March 3rd Storm Watch Information

Possible Snow Storm to Impact Area Sunday Night into Monday.
All Residents are Advised to have Vehicles Removed From Roads for Plowing.

Governor declared state of emergency.
Courts closed. City Hall is Open.

John Labrosse Mayor 


City Manager 201-646-3901
973-403-7836 March 1, 2014 

(HACKENSACK, NJ ) With the area now under a winter storm watch, City Manager Anthony Rottino and the City Council are again making off street parking available for residents and they are asking for citizens’ cooperation to make snow plowing easier should significant snowfall hit the city over the next few days.

Rottino said in the event of accumulating snowfall, residents who do not have access to off-street parking can park their vehicles at the Lot C parking lot, which is located across from Foschini Park and between East Salem Street Extension and Midtown Place. Residents can also park at the M&M building lot at 116 Holt Street or the Atlantic Street parking garage between State and Main 

Rottino said parking will be available from noon Sunday to noon Tuesday on a first come first served basis. Parking is free. Anyone wishing to park in the Atlantic Street garage must have their vehicles assigned a parking space by a police officer who will be on duty at the facility. There will be no assigned parking at the other locations.

“Should the city get hit with even several inches of snow, it would be very helpful to the city’s ability to keep our streets passable to have as many cars as possible off the roadways,” said Rottino.

Cars parked on main thoroughfares declared snow emergency streets (see city website www.Hackensack.org for a list of streets) will be ticketed and possibly towed.

Mayor John Labrosse is asking that neighbors share driveways during the storm and that landlords allow tenants to use driveways until the streets have been cleared.

“If you have a driveway, I implore you to be a good neighbor and allow people to park in your driveway until the plows pass through your street, ” said Labrosse. “If you are a landlord and you have a driveway, allow your tenants to use it.

“We are running out of places to put the snow and with so much ice accumulated already on the streets, and roads already narrowed, the city needs the cooperation of all residents to move as many cars off the streets as possible,” added the mayor.