3/4/2014 - City Prepared for Road Paving Program


John Labrosse Mayor

City Manager 201-646-3901 
March 4, 2014  


(Hackensack, NJ) The city is preparing to pave at least seven streets once the winter weather breaks and the snow and ice are gone, said City Manager Anthony Rottino. 

Money to pave five streets will be offset by Community Development Block Grants and two of the streets will be paid for by city bonding. 

Rottino said more streets will likely be included in a paving program once the city’s 2014 budget is finalized. He said he expects to go out to bid on the projects later this week.

Mayor John Labrosse said that road paving is a high priority for the new city council and administration. “The condition of many of our roads has been deplorable in some neighborhoods and we are determined to undertake an aggressive infrastructure improvement program,” said Labrosse.

Councilman Leo Battaglia said the poor condition of the city streets has been a constant complaint for several years and was an issue in last year’s council campaign. 

“People said over and over again that they are tired of paying taxes and having to live on a block where the road is crumbling,” said Battaglia. “I want people to be able to look out their windows and see a nicely paved street with new curbs. Our residents should not be embarrassed by the condition of the road in front of their homes.” 

Battaglia said there are a lot or city streets that need paving or reconstruction and he is supportive of a long-term infrastructure improvement plan. “One of the council policy priorities has to be to make sure we dedicate significant funding to street and recreational improvements every year,” added Battaglia. 

The streets to be paved with CDBG are: Lodi Street (Green Street to Polifly Road); Lexington Avenue (Green Street to Cleveland Street); Liberty Street (Entire Length); Old River Street (East Atlantic Street to Bridge Street); Berdan Place (First Street to Railroad Avenue) 

The streets funded by municipal bonding are Marvin Avenue and Standish Avenue (Summit Avenue to Polifly Road)