7/26/2005 - Channel 77 has a new look!

City of Hackensack Launches Revamped Cable Access Channel 77

Residents may have noticed that Channel 77 has a new look. The City recently partnered with Telvue Virtual Television Networks to help take full advantage of the City’s cable access channel. Under its franchise agreement with Cablevision, the City is provided with one access channel at no charge.

Telvue, a Mt. Laurel company, provides the City with the ability to make real time text updates to Channel 77 remotely. These updates are made via the internet without the need to access the production facility maintained at Hackensack High School. As a result, fresh information will be provided more frequently and with greater regularity. Telvue also provides regular traffic, weather, and public service announcements. Telvue will also work with the City to develop high quality "screens" to promote City sponsored events like those that take place at the Cultural Arts Center.

The Channel serves the purpose of providing community information to residents that do not have internet access. Residents who do have internet access will be prompted to log onto the City’s site at www.hackensack.org to obtain more detailed information on events, programs, and announcements.

The Channel may also be used in conjunction with the City’s newly acquired Reverse 911 System. The City recently entered into an agreement with Bergen County that enables the City to send telephonic messages to specific areas of the City in the event of a snow emergency or other threat. Residents would be prompted to tune to Channel 77 and website to get more details.

The High School will share access to Channel 77 and will contribute significantly to its content. The High School maintains a separate audio/video facility where taped content can be broadcast.

Residents will be pleased to learn that this new media is funded through sponsorship. The City does not pay Telvue for the service. Sponsorship, unlike advertising, provides a business with the opportunity to show support for the local community through the use of a logo, web-address and PBS-like sponsorship message.

Telvue is currently seeking sponsors for Channel 77. To learn more about how to become a sponsor, visit Channel 77 or www.tvtn.tv.