8/21/2014 - Redevelopment Update: Atlantic Street Open Air Venue

Atlantic Street Open Air Venue

At a meeting of the City Council on August 18th, Hackensack’s Governing Body passed a bond ordinance in the amount of $650,0000 to cover the construction cost of an urban open space across from the Atlantic Street Parking Garage. The City will use a grant secured through the Bergen County Open Space Grant Program for $268,085. (Continue below).

The project includes 45 angled and on-street spaces, outdoor stage, seating and landscaping. As part of the project, the city will reclaim 38 leased, daily parking spaces in the Atlantic Street Garage and re-purpose them for general public use. This project lends much needed support for the downtown redevelopment and the proposed Performing Arts Center. “We needed to push this project forward,” said Mayor John Labrosse. “It’s always been part of the vision-plan for Hackensack’s downtown, - a plan years in the making, based on basic, sound urban-planning principles. Open spaces are part of every great downtown".