10/9/2014 - HFD: Fire Briefs (Updated)

Fire Prevention Week

Members of HFD spent the last two weeks at schools throughout the city reviewing fire safety tips. Students were show educational videos and participated in a question and answer session about fire safety. This year’s program was delivered to over 2000 children in Hackensack schools.


Hackensack Avenue

Engine 5, Rescue 1 & DC 3 responded to Hackensack Ave. & De Voe place for a 2 car mva with a person pinned in one car after it crashed through the fence of St. Joseph Cemetery. Person was removed by rescue 1 and turned over to Hackensack UMC BLS & ALS and transported to Hackensack UMC. Several tombstones and the fence were damaged. Hackensack police are conducting the investigation


Fire at 305 Main Street 

Date: 10/9/14
Time: 0212
Address: 305 Main Street
Type of occupancy: 1Story Store
Platoon: Second
Incident Commander: Deputy Chief Fred Longobardi
Number of alarms: Two
Firefighter injuries: 0
Civilian injuries: 0
Mutual aid towns assisting at scene: Teaneck (RIT Team), Englewood
Mutual aid towns assisting covering the city: Bogota, Ridgefield Park, South Hackensack
Other agencies assisting at scene: Hackensack Volunteer Ems Hackensack UMC ALS , and Hackensack Police Department,
Cause of fire: Under investigation at time of this press release
Extent of damage: 305 Main Street 1st floor heavy smoke and moderate fire damage.
Brief overview of actions: On Thursday October 9th @ 02:12 hour’s members of the 2nd platoon responded to a fire @ 305 Main Street. First call came in from the alarm company reporting a activated fire alarm as units were being dispatched Hackensack Police reported a fire in the store and the assignment was upgraded to a full response. Engine 4, stretched a 2 ½ inch handline into the store as Ladder 1 and rescue 1 began to force entry, begin primary search and opening the roof. Engines 5 and 1 assisted with a second 2 ½ handline and water supply. Engine 2 operated in the FAST position @02:19 hours Deputy 2 transmitted a 2nd alarm brining a Teaneck FAST team, Englewood ladder, and safety to the scene. Engine 4 quickly knocked down the fire with the initial line and companies began to check for extension and open up. Fire was placed under control @02:39 hours. No reported injuries. Fire was contained to 305 Main Street. Hackensack fire prevention is handling the investigation.


77 Prospect

Date: 10/5/2014
Time: 1910
Address: 77 Prospect Avenue Apt. 2J
Type of occupancy: 6 Story Fire Resistive Mutable Dwelling
Platoon: Third
Incident Commander: Deputy Chief Steven Kalman
Number of alarms: Two
Firefighter injuries: 0
Civilian injuries: 2
Mutual aid towns assisting at scene: Teaneck (FAST Team), Englewood Ladder
Mutual aid towns assisting covering the city: Ridgefield Park, South Hackensack, Bogota
Other agencies assisting at scene: Hackensack Ems, City Building Department, and Hackensack Police Department, Bergen County Prosecutors office
Cause of fire: under investigation
Extent of damage: Fire and smoke damage to Apt. 2J. Smoke and water damage to several other apartments.

Brief overview of actions: On Sunday October 5, 2014 @ 1910 hours members of the 3rd platoon operated at a 2nd alarm fire @ #77 Prospect Ave. on the 2nd floor. Call came in via 911 reporting smoke coming from a second floor apartment a full assignment was sent. Engine 4 confirmed the working fire on the 2nd floor A/D corner. Engines 2 & 4 began to stretch a 2 ½ inch line off the stand pipe as rescue 1 and ladder 1 conducted primary search and ventilated During primary search ladder 1 was met at the entrance of the apartment by two occupants and assisted them to the evacuation stairwell. Engines 5 and 1 stretched a backup line to the 2nd floor as the rescue searched the floor above. @ 1912 hours a 2nd alarm was transmitted bringing a Teaneck FAST team, Englewood truck & EMS to the scene. Companies continued to operate knocking down the fire in less than 20 minutes. Ladder 2 and Engine 3 were brought to the scene for additional manpower. Hackensack fire prevention and the Bergen County prosecutor’s office are conducting the investigation. BCPO was requested to assist due to conflicting stories from the occupants

Church Fire

On Sunday September 28 @ 1228 hours members of the 4th platoon operated at a 2nd alarm fire @ 320 Hamilton Place. First arriving companies were met with a smoke condition coming from the front of the church. Engine’s 5, 2 & 4 quickly stretched multiple 2 ½ hand lines to begin to contain the fire on the exterior and interior of the church. Ladder 1 and rescue 1 reported smoke on the interior and fire extending into the structure via the floor joists. Companies worked quickly to open up and extinguish fire in the floor joists and conducted overhaul. A large salvage operation was conducted by all companies to protect items in the church. Fire was placed under control @1315 hrs. After an investigation by Hackensack Fire Prevention it was determined that a heat gun being used on the exterior by workers to remove paint caused the fire. Teaneck fire department operated as the FAST team and other Mid Bergen units provided city coverage. No injuries reported. Photos by Matt Musicant

Justin Derevyanik
PIO Hackensack Fire Department


Car fire in Hackensack

On Tuesday September 9, 2014 @ 10:02 hours Engine 4 & Rescue 1 operated at a car fire involving a Bergen County Sheriffs detective car. Officer driving stated she went over the rail road tracks on Union Street heard a noise than noticed smoke coming from the trunk and than called for assistance. Companies quickly knocked down the main body of fire in the truck area and conducted overhaul. No injuries to any member's car were turned back over to BCSD.

Photos by Justin Derevyanik