9/1/2005 - Fire Dept. goes to Gulf

Hackensack Fire Department goes to Gulf

    The Hackensack Fire Department with the approval of our Mayor and Council will be sending a four-man team to aid in the relief efforts in the South caused by Hurricane Katrina. They will be working in conjunction with a force led by the Division of Fire Safety from the State of New Jersey. The four-man team will work for 10 to 14 days at which time it will be determined if they will be replaced by another team. Deployment has not yet been determined. The City of Hackensack will be reimbursed the cost by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

    Acting Fire Chief J. Thornton stated a large percentage of our Firefighters have volunteered for the deployment and he is proud of their commitment to help the victims and to aid in the recovery effort.

Residents wishing to donate to victims of Katrina may do so here